3-Way Catalytic Converters for Small Spark-Ignition Engines:

Honda, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton and Subaru

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Your small engine emission control just got easier!

Our customers reviews

We purchased a CO gas monitor on Amazon to test it. In a small 4m x 5m enclosed room, our existing muffler read 44 ppm in 10 minutes. With the BlueCAT™ SSI on zero ppm after 40 mins!!! Excellent.

Andrew Rees

Very good products. My clients really like the catalytic muffler for when they need to use their power washers underground.

Chris P.

We were using them on the saw to cut emissions inside an Amazon facility for a few hours a day. When these cats were working, the Amazon Safety team was impressed on the air quality and let us use the saws.

Michael Z.

I don't smell obnoxious fumes at all, it's wonderful. Thank you very much for the service your company provides, excellent job!

Roger Willson