BlueCAT SSI Installed
Nett Technologies’ BlueCAT™ Small Spark Ignition (SSI) engine emission control system utilizes the same technology which has been verified and proven by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in 1000's of installations on Large Spark Ignition (LSI) engines. It has been customized to suit small engine applications. The BlueCAT™ SSI emission control system is designed to operate on gasoline and gaseous (LPG & CNG) fueled SSI engines to provide high-performance reductions in all major exhaust gas emissions. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is reduced by up to 98%, Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), and Hydrocarbons (HC) by up to 95%. Great at reducing harmful emissions, the BlueCAT™ SSI system is ideal for use in household and commercial applications, including generators, lawn and garden equipment, utility vehicles and a variety of other construction, farm, and industrial equipment.

The BlueCAT™ SSI is compatible with an A/F controller (optional) to maximize the emission reduction in gaseous (LPG & CNG) fueled engines. Using ­field tested CARB veri­fied technology for LSI, the BlueCAT™ SSI engine 3-way catalyst is the perfect emission control solution to your small engine.

Product Features & Benefits:

* Emission performances may vary. Reported performance based upon surrogate test data. Propane engine operating with closed-loop fuel control at proper A/F ratio. System performance may vary based upon: performance and maintenance of the engine, fuel quality and type, duty cycle and exhaust temperature. Reference performance based on triplicate ISO 8178 D2 test cycles with engine operating in closed-loop configuration.